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Weekly Newsletters
    Newsletter from Bishop’s Office:

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            19th-30th Nov     
            04th-16th Nov    
            21st-30th Oct     
            18th-30th Sept     
            01-14th Sept     
     August       25th-31st Aug    
            13th-24th Aug     
            1st-14th July     
     June       20th-30th June     
            22nd-31st May    
        22nd-31st July   01st-16th May   22nd - 30th Nov
        01st-31st July    15th-31st April   15th - 21 Nov
        18th-25th June    15th-31st March   08th -14th Nov
        11th-17th June    01st-13th March   25th - 31st Oct
             21st-28th Feb   17th - 24th Oct
         01st-30th June    24th-31st Jan  

    11th - 17th Oct

    Jan 2016    16th-31st Jan    13th - 23rd Jan   27th - 30th Sept

    Details of events referred to in the newsletter are available under News and Events.