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Policy for users


1.       Objectives of use    The objectives of use of the premises are:

·         It will contribute to building the Anglican church in the Diocese

·         It is consistent with our Diocesan Vision, and in particular demonstrates vibrant Christian community

·         It celebrates the history of St Joseph’s and its heritage status

·         It enhances the image of Anglicanism in Johannesburg

2.       Approved types of use     Allocated space will be let on a permanent basis to Diocesan or Provincial organizations for a fair rental. Telephone and other services will be provided and charged for and a lease agreement will be negotiated.

The premises may be used by Diocesan organizations, parishes and individual members of parishes for periodic activities such as:

  • Training
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Quiet days

However the premises will normally not be hired out for:

  • Business activities, where income is being earned from the use
  • Social activities, such as weddings, parties and the like

No alcohol will be allowed on the premises for any types of use.

3.       Charges for use  There will be no charge for the periodic use of the premises if the user group does self-catering.

If catering is required, this will be charged for in accordance with a price list to be available on request.

St Joseph’s Committee

April 2014