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    More about the DVD and manuals..

    There are 7 episodes in this DVD series. The episodes consist of teaching around the theme of discipleship and a story which  shows an example of this is lived out in practice in the lives of individuals and parishes. The DVD is contextual, African and Anglican

    Designed for those doing sermons and teaching in their churches and those leading worship. It is also helpful for those leading study groups as it gives theological insight and a depth of understanding regarding discipleship.

    These are small manuals containing small group discussion questions and personal challenges for further mediation and reflection during the week. It is recommended that every person in the group should have one. They are only R30.00

    It contains exciting ideas for teaching youth the deep truths of their faith and for building disciples. There are ice breaker ideas, games and discussions and prayers.

    A resource of Sunday school teaches to help make their lessons vibrant and to bring the message of discipleship to children in an age appropriate manner.

    To be used with those who are preparing for confirmation. It is recommended that each candidate has their own copy.

    If you want to obtain Resources

    For any parish or Diocese who would like to use the People of the Way Course DVDs and manuals are available at the Johannesburg Diocesan office. Ring Tumi on 011-375-2700