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About People of the Way

The People of the Way series is a locally produced, discipleship course. It was produced by the Diocese of Johannesburg to create a greater sense among the Parishes and their members of belonging to the Diocese and to talk to the needs, opportunities and challenges of the Diocese, and to grow the vision of the ministry of all believers

The people of the way course is based on a locally, contextually developed DVD series of seven themes which are as inclusive of the entire life of a Parish as possible.  This means that course material has been developed for:

·        Sunday schools

·        Confirmation classes

·        Youth groups

·        Bible study and prayer groups

·        Worship Leaders

The course particularly engages young peoples’ lives. It is based on the liturgical imperatives of the Lent and Easter calendar, with sermon material and well-developed liturgical material that can be used as a resource by parishes as they craft their specific Lent programmes.

The Philosophy of the Course

This series was entirely written, produced and directed by local people and used Appreciative Inquiry methodology as part of its process. The aims of the course are to develop the ministry of all disciples and so building relationships and formation are a crucial focus rather than simply imparting information. The use of stories as a teaching medium was used as it lends itself to formation and fits with the narrative culture of Africa.  

The content of the Course

The seven themes of discipleship that form the DVD are:

·        A celebration of the People of the Way - discipleship, community, celebration

·        The Way of Penitence

·        Jesus’ Vision of the Way                                

·        The Call to the Way - the call costs all.          

·        A Spirituality of the Way                                             

·        The Way is a life of service                                        

·        The Way is for the World – being the best for the world, not the best in the world.   

·        The Way leads to Jerusalem – a place of conflict, death and resurrection.               

There are four other themes that can be used during Holy Week that have sermon and liturgical material. These are: The Way of Integrity, The Way of Love, The Way of the Cross and The Way of Resurrection .

If you are thinking of using the course in your church please ring Cally Tuckie on 082-901-5857 for more details.