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Church Vestments
Church Vestments


Contact Revd Barbara Schormann on 
082 901 3949 or at

Emmanuel Custom made clerical shirts for men and women
Available in the following fabric options: Poly cotton plain, striped or printed; standard cotton plain, striped or printed; Shweshwe; spun cotton, plain only; Egyptian cotton, plain striped or printed. Option to have contrast fabric on sleeves, collar, and pocket

Please contact Joyce Auret on her Cell: 084-737-4448
or her landline: 011-615-9909
or send her an email:

This small business handmakes vestments and responds to individual church needs. All items are hand-made and individualised in design. It specialises in women’s vestments. There is a choice of hand or machine embroidery, quilting, beading and embellishments.

Churches often need a little sprucing up and no matter how small the order, we will respond to it. We will meet you on site and discuss your needs.

There are no prices and depending on your requirements, we will give you individual quotes. You will be offered a selection of fabric, and the finished item will be costed accordingly. It is a business with minimal staff and no premises so there is no ‘middle person cost’ involved.

We have proudly produced the beautiful stoles for the Diocesan 90th Celebration service, and will show you what we have worked on in our church, and clergy.


  • Stoles available in four colours for only R250 each.
  • Materials are individually  discussed, selected and priced
  • hand or machine embroidering of  personal or parish choice
  • quilted (padded)  design
  • machine embroidery of design for occasion or of personal choice


  • Stole (4 church seasons or neutral (cream and multi-coloured)
  • teaching stole (tippet)
  • three point stole
  • chasuble
  • matching or separate burse and pall


  • Seasonal frontals
  • Neutral shades and designs
  • Lady, Baptismal and side chapel frontals(coloured, embossed, neutral)

    Individual or altar rail

FAIR LINEN (white or cream)

  • Altar covers
  • Altar dust covers
  • Credence cloths
  • Lavabo towels
  • Wall hangings, ombri frontals, screens, decorative artwork on theme or occasion of choice


  • Wedding  Kneeler cushions keepsake
  • Matching picture frames and Comments book
  • Mementos for guests – notebook, themed bookmarks
  • Baptism picture frames, book, godparents and friends notebooks or bookmarks
  • First communion memento – booklets, novelty pencils etc
  • Confirmation – as above


  • Bible (NSRV) in material cover 
  • Anglican prayer book in cover  
  • Zip-up bible bag
  • Communion set for the sick
  • First Communion memento
  • Baptism memento
  • New member mementos


   Account name: Joyce Auret
   Bank: Nedbank (Siemert Road)

Branch code: 192505
   Account number:1952319463
   Reference: your personal or company name
   EFT payments are preferred