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Appreciative Inquiry

Our Diocese has an Appreciative Inquiry Team that is working on various projects throughout the Diocese. 

The Premise


Positive Image: Positive Action

Ø      What we ask determines what we find

Ø      What we find determines how we talk

Ø      How we talk determines how we imagine together

Ø      How we imagine determines what we achieve together





Appreciate: valuing; the act of recognizing the best in people or the world around us; affirming past and present strengths, successes and potentials; to perceive those things that give life (health, vitality, excellence) to living systems.

To increase in value.


Inquire: The act of exploration and discovery.

To ask questions; to be open to seeing new potentials and possibilities.


Appreciative Inquiry as a perspective for organization and system change offers the opportunity to take the whole of our experience and to search for the good, the successful, the generative, the exciting as a path to a more successful, life-affirming future. AI Appreciative Inquiry focuses on generating and applying knowledge that comes from inquiry into moments of excellence, periods of exceptional competence and performance – times when people have felt most alive and energized.  It provides a strength based and positive approach for creating and sustaining organization change.