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    Region 1

    The Venerable Lynda Shimmin

    Lynda explored a call to full time ministry in the UK at Trinity College, Bristol in 1972, twenty two years before women were ordained to the priesthood!  The then College Dean of Women and Principal (Joyce Baldwin and Alex Motyer) recommended gaining life experience and coming back in a few years ‘if the call hadn’t gone away’.  Actively involved in her church at the height at the Charismatic renewal in the UK, Lynda met and married her husband Graham and before they’d been married a year his company posted him to South Africa.

    After 15 years of ministry together in their Johannesburg parish church, and now with two daughters, Graham died in 1994. After her girls had matriculated Lynda explored once more ‘if the call hadn’t gone away. She joined FOX and was mentored by many of our fine senior clergy in the diocese before being deaconed in 2007 and priested in February the following year. She served as a deacon and assistant priest in St Luke’s Orchards and has been the fulltime priest at St Augustine of Canterbury in Orange Grove since 2010.

    In line with the Diocesan Vision she is passionate about equipping people for both personal growth and ministry within the community; fresh expressions of being church and singing!

    She has a love for the bush and birding and visits the Kruger as often as possible!

     REGION 1 comprises the following Parishes:

     Orange Grove   

     Region 2

     The Venerable Wayne Saldanha

    REGION 2 comprises the following Parishes:

    Region 3

    The Venerable Diana Thorburn

    Revd Diana has lived in the Johannesburg area all her life.  She became actively involved in church life from high school - before that, she "just attended church".

    She was made a Deacon on 9 October 1993 and served both at St John the Divine, Belgravia and at St Margaret of Scotland, Bedfordview in that capacity.

    She was priested on 24 June 2000 and served at Bedfordview as Assistant Priest before moving to her present position as Rector of St Patrick's Malvern.

    She sees herself as a person who loves God and wants to share His love in whichever way God leads and guides. "Being open to the Holy Spirit through prayer enables me to be a vessel for God".

    She is married to Ian, a wonderful and caring person. They enjoy going to the theatre, reading, gardening and travelling. To keep fit and healthy, they "Walk for Life".

     REGION 3 comprises the following Parishes:
     #Bezuidenhout Valley

    Region 4

       The Venerable Kagelelo Mphetolang

    He was born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana, is married to Lineo Lipholo-Mphetolang and is a father of 2 girls Thabelang and Letlotlo. 

    He was trained in the College of Transfiguration, graduated in 2007, spent time in Rippon College, Cuddesdon, England and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Theology, majoring  in Ethics from The University of The South, Tennessee, USA  in 2010. 

    His areas of interest are African philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology and Christian counseling. 

    One of his greatest achievements was working as a presenter in one of the local Television stations, back home. He is currently the rector of St Stephens in Diepkloof and has extensive work and Youth Ministry. 

    REGION 4 comprises the following parishes:

     *Khutsong South

    Region 5

    The Venerable Douglas Torr

    REGION 5 comprises the following Parishes:

     Kagiso 1
     Kagiso 2
     Weltevreden Park

    Region 6

    The Venerable Oupakie Moruthane

    REGION 6 comprises the following Parishes:

     Jabavu - St Pauls
     #Central Western Jabavu

    Region 7

    The Venerable Shona Fleming

    After a deep and powerful experience of the healing love of God at the age of 14, Shona felt that God was calling her to help others connect with God and experience themselves and others as beloved by God. She took a long and convoluted journey to ordained ministry but was always involved in ministry where ever she has found herself. 

    Shona first completed a BSc(Med) from the University of the Witwatersrand and worked in the corporate world. Both at university and at work Shona started cell groups and met with others for prayer, study and reflection. 

    After she and Mark, her husband, were blessed with two children, Shona  completed her PGDE(Cum Laude) and began teaching. She taught every grade from grade 0-12 ending up teaching Grade 11 and 12 Maths and Science before entering full time ministry as a youth pastor. During this time she completed her BTh(Cum Laude).   In fulltime ministry Shona was able to follow her passion for God, teaching, learning and exploring new things, as well as connecting with young people. One of the most exciting projects was  starting a Diocesan youth program together with a colleague called Transformers. In this group young people were helped to explore their relationship with God, exposed to new theological thinking and encouraged to ask anything they wanted. Out of this group several young people started to explore a calling to the ordained ministry and some are in the ordination process. Shona also completed a two year course in Inner Healing and has recently started two meditation groups. 

    After her ordination she was appointed as the Assistant Priest of a parish in Weltevredenpark and licensed as one of the Youth Chaplains of the Diocese.  On the retirement of her Rector, Shona had the opportunity to be the Priest in Charge, under the guidance of an Interim Rector.

    In January 2013, Shona was appointed as the Rector of St Mark, Northriding and enjoys leading and sharing in this diverse and deep community. She has been able to continue her involvement in schools as there is a Vuleka School at St Mark and she is on the board for Vuleka/SSB. She is also involved in Growing the Church and POST and was licensed as an Archdeacon in January 2015.

    Shona is deeply grateful to God for her family and the many amazing and gifted people that have guided and directed her as well as the opportunities that she has been given.  

    She has a wide range of interests including adventure sports, reading, growing orchids and aviculture but  likes nothing better than to connect with God, her family, and people of all ages from all walks of life.

    REGION 7 comprises the following Parishes:

     Rabie Ridge

    Region 8

    The Venerable Michelle Pilet

    The Revd. Michelle Pilet was born and grew up in Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape.  She was blessed to be actively involved in both the Anglican and Dutch Reformed Churches from a young age, and grew up in a dual-medium household speaking English and Afrikaans.  After attending Rhodes University, Grahamstown, from whence she graduated with a BA. Hons (in English and Afrikaans-Nederlands), she came to Johannesburg to work back her bursary from SABC.  During her time at the SABC, she picked up her theological studies with T.E.E.C. (Theological Education by Extension College).  At the same time, she became part of the Johannesburg Diocesan discernment process.  Michelle was ordained deacon in 1989 and priested in 1994.  She has administered with God in the faith-communities of St. Peter’s (Auckland Park), St. Michael’s (Bryanston), and St. Margaret’s (Bedfordview).  At present, she is serving as the Rector St. Paul’s (Parkhurst).

    Michelle is privileged as well to be a trained counsellor, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, prayer lay facilitator “art as a prayer of the heart”, supervisor of spiritual directors, public speaking.  She enjoys learning about new discoveries and insights across a wide spectrum.

    One of her cherished Scripture verses is “God is love” (1 John 4: 16b).  She finds it inspiring, uplifting and exciting that all life-forms are aspects of emanations of God’s Love.  The adventure and delight of discovering this “face”-of-love, uncovering what this looks like, and how to affirm and nurture this in self and others.

    Michelle is single by vocation.  For the past 2 years, it has been her joy and blessing to be sharing a home together with her youngest sister, Verlene, and her eldest niece, Kayleigh.

    Michelle relishes reading, silence, creativity (e.g. art, handwork), the theatre, music...the gift of life itself

    REGION 8 comprises the following Parishes:


    Region 9

    The Venerable Tsepo Matubatuba

    REGION 9 comprises the following Parishes:

     Diepkloof - St James 
     Diepkloof - St Stephens
     Orlando - St Johns
     Orlando - St Mrys
     Orlando - Holy Cross

    Region 10

    The Venerable Kenneth Xinwa

    REGION 10 comprises the following Parishes:

     Protea Glen
     Protea South

    Region 11

    Dean Xolani Dlwathi  

     REGION 11 comprises the following Parishes:
     Auckland Park

    Archdeacon to the Ordinary

    The Venerable Moses Thabethe

    Schools Archdeaconry

    The Schools Archdeaconry comprises the following schools:

     Bishop Bavin School
     St Mary's School
     St Mary's Junior
     St John's College
     St John's Prep
     St Peter's College
     St Peter's School
     St Peter's Prep
     Vuleka Schools